Purchase and sales

The Sale of complete herds

A good and fair price for your livestock, in case of a farm closure or farm takeover, is of great importancy for a farmer but also for the new owner.

Frielim Livestock BV will be able to make a good and fair price for the herd.

Based on experience, extensive sales opportunities and the network, we are also specialized in the sals of your slaughter cows. 


Replacement or expansion of a herd

Frielim Livestock can be  approached with questions concerning innovation or expansion of the herd.

If you need help with a purchase of a complete new herd, Frielim Livestock BV is your partner! 



Freshly calved heifers

If you are looking for high quality fresh calved heifers we can be of your service.

Weekly we select freshly calved first-quality heifers.



Pregnant heifers

If you are looking for low pregnant or high pregnant quality heifers.


Thanks to our years of experience, we have already served many customers in many different countries with the delivery of low and /or high-quality pregnant breeding heifers.


These heifers are carefully selected by the selection specialists of Frielim Livestock.

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