Frielim Livestock is a company that has been active for decades in the import and export of breeding cattle, milking cows, pregnant heifers and youngstock to and from many countries in the world.

Due to an excellent knowledge of the market and skilled specialist, Frielim Livestock is your partner for the best and succesfull cooperation! 



Selection and Health

Frielim Livestock BV is working according  a carefull organized selection process in which quality and the wishes of the customer are the most important.

We require the highest status on the health and the well-being of the animals.

Every animal will be carefully inspected by an own health declaration and will have to meet the veterinary requirements set by the official authorities and our customers.  




Our transport is specially designed to transport the animals in the most comfortable and animal friendly way.

All means of transport have advanced drinking installations, coolingfans, heating, temperature sensors and GPS registration systems.Our transport are set according the latest requirements of legislation and guidelines according the highest quality of animal transport in the European Union.

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Frielim Livestock ''the quality source''. your professional and reliable partner for national and international cattle trade!